Shopper linen glitter print Ratafià



  • Linen fabric produced in Italy
  • Customizable glitter printing
  • Reusable convenient to carry in your bag
  • Handmade in our laboratory in Florence
  • Resistant cotton laces length 70 cm.
  • Customizable on request ironable cotton temperature


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Shopper in raw linen produced in Italy with applied glitter transfer. Customizable in design shape and glitter color.
Made in our workshop in Florence with artisan techniques, each garment is a unique piece characterized by slight differences.
Lightweight and durable practical to fold and carry in your bag, perfect for shopping while respecting the environment.
Easy to wash and breathable ideal for holding unwrapped fruits and vegetables.

Additional information

Weight 0,130 kg
Dimensions 43 × 4 × 42 cm


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