The Ratafià style

The Ratafià style is simple and original. For our hand crafted creations, we prefer natural fabrics like linen, cotton and canapa with which we make our articles, from kitchen accessories to furnishings to bags.
Every item starts with raw fabric which is sewn, washed, coloured and decorated to create a unique and personal item.

Lo Stile Ratafià Firenze

Techniques for artisanal creations

Le Tecniche Ratafià Firenze

We use techniques learnt and perfected over years of continuous experimenting and research. With a solid foundation of chemical colour studies, drawing and fabric planning, we have developed our own style in which we combine different techniques to create unique and original results.

We work with fabrics that are strictly handmade to get the desired results. For the colouring we use the typical saucepan or the washing machine with colours selected and mixed by us. For the decorating, we use various techniques but mostly brush painting or printing with our own handmade stamps. For some products we apply the silkscreen technique, retouching by hand.

About us

Chi siamo

Ratafià is a craftsman workshop where we give life to our ideas.

We decorate fabric, create fashion accessories and furnishings and are always looking for original, handmade ideas.

Our workshop is a space where craftsmen and artists can share their passions for creating.

I dedicate my time mainly to sewing and inventing samples. The objects I create express my personality through the extreme precision and attention to detail with which they are finished. I love beautifully finished objects and I put my manual talents to the service of the beauty of the creations. I am enthusiastic when studying every detail and solutions to satisfy our clients who can count on my extensive experience in printing, sewing and finishing detail.

I have been cultivating my passion for colours since art school and it has been the story of my professional life!  I have studied colours applied on fabric to achieve the finishes I desire. Curiosity and enthusiasm drive me to experiment with new ideas and in my work I try to share the joy I feel in creating. Every item I produce is planned and created with passion and enthusiasm.