Fudstock 2015

The great gastronomic feast, promoted by the chef Cristiano Tomei, which will involve the small village of Migliano, risks the comparison with the famous epoch meeting of Woodstock, will be an expression for food, quality and territory.
The goal is to enhance the work of the producers, encouraging the meeting with the chefs coming from all over Italy, through exhibition stands, with the direct sale of products in tasting and the food area where you can taste the dishes prepared by the chefs starry. In fact, there will be: Aurora Mazzucchelli, Filippo Saporito, Irina Steccanella, Valentino Cassanelli, Damiano Donati, Rino Duca, Oliver Piras, Stefano Terigi and Lorenzo Stefanini. Ratafià, the only non-food stand, present with hand-painted aprons.
To the motto is “Peace, love and food” the food and wine festival realized with the support of the City of Camaiore and the collaboration between the whimsical Lucchese chef of the Ambition, the farm Croro and Smilace and the photographer Lido Vannucchi.

June 28th 2015